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Kaup Beach

A Place Where the Sea Speaks

Kaup Beach is one of the major beaches in the city, located at a distance of about 15 kms from Manipal . With its tropical climate and bevy of attractions that beckon tourists from across the country, Mangaluru is a port city that promises to keep uplifting your spirits every minute you spend in this city.

Although Kaup hasnít been explored on a full-fledged level, the beach attracts many tourists and there have instances of films being shot in the beach and the surrounding areas as well. Kaup beach is famously known to house an old lighthouse that was apparently built in the year 1901. The lighthouse is open for visitors during certain periods of time in the course of the day. It offers a delightful view of the entire beach and seashore that will surely take your breath away.

Besides the lighthouse, Kaup also has ruins of Jain Basadis that line across the stretch of sand, and these are definitely worth a visit. Kaup is the base for two Hindu temples dedicated to the Goddess Mariamman. The best time to visit Kaup Beach is from October to December.

This beach is also popular with students who come from Manipal, a student town. The beach also has small shacks and eateries where one can sample a bit of the local cuisine.

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