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Sri Krishna Mutt


Udupi Sri Krishna Mutt is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to god Krishna located in the town of Udupi, 4 kms away from Manipal.Udupi is first among the seven places of pilgrimages. Thousands of pious devotees throng the Krishna temple all round the year to catch a glimpse of Lord Krishna. The unique feature of Shree Krishna Mutt temple is that the Lord is worshipped only through a window with nine holes called the Navagraha Kitiki. The window is exquisitely carved and silver - plated. It has been a tradition in this temple to worship the Lord only through this window. Read on to know more about the temple, the legends, the pujas & rituals and the festivals celebrated.

The matha area resembles a living ashram, a holy place for daily devotion and living. Surrounding the Sri Krishna Matha are several temples, the most ancient being made of basic wood and stone of 1,500 years origin. Udupi 60 Kms north of Mangalore is the seat of Lord Krishna, considered to be one of the holiest places for pilgrimage in southern India. Here there is a holy temple of Sri Krishna and this is the birthplace of Sri Madhwacharya, founder of Dwaita Philosophy and one of the three great Acharyas, he is reputed to have discovered the idol of Shri Krishna from a ship, which he saved miraculously from the clutches of fatal storm breeding on the sea at Malpe. One day when he was performing his morning prayers on the Malpe shore, he found that a ship sailing in the sea, was in danger owing to rough weather, Sri Madhwacharya with his divine power was able to control the rough weather, saving the ship from disaster. The grateful captain of the ship offered all the wealth in his ship to Sri Madhwacharya. But the great Acharya chose only the lump of Gopichandan which lay in a corner. He carried the Gopichandan to Udupi, a distance of four miles, singing the 'Dwadashastotra'.The moment he immersed the Gopichandan in the Madhwasarovara, a beautiful idol of Sri Krishna emerged. Sensing this chain of events by his aparoksha jnana (divine knowledge), the Acharya himself installed the idol. The idol represents Lord Krishna in his playful childhood posture with a curd-churning rod in the right hand and the churning rope in the left. Thus Lord Krishna came to being worshipped by Sri Madhwacharya and later by the pontiffs of Ashta Mathas founded by him.

The idol of Sri Krishna installed at the Sri Krishna Matha is carved out of Shaalagrama Shila. Legend has it that Rukmini herself was worshipping this idol at Dwaaraka (Gujarat). When Sri Krishna disappeared from this world Arjuna deposited this idol in the spot called 'Rukmini Vana'. The idol which lay buried inside the mud of Gopichandan, was mistaken for a lump of Gopichandan and loaded as ballast on a ship carrying merchandise from Dwaraka along the West Coast.

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